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What's for Breakfast

In the morning we have a healthy, interesting breakfast for you to enjoy. We believe that a good breakfast is a great way to start the day, and we've had lots of compliments about ours!

A 'Little Lake Breakfast' usually goes something like this:

Fresh coffee and a selection of fine teas (available early)

Orange Juice

A selection of cereals, toast and spreads

Your first fruit course is usually warm, and may consist of: Sauteed Bananas or Poached Pears with Blueberries or Apricot Fool or could be baked (and topped with whipped cream or yogourt) or even mildly curried.

Your second fruit is usually a fresh fruit salad and could be served with Yogurt..  In the season we have  fresh local berries delivered  to the Inn.

Your Hot Entree could include: Upside-down Pineapple French Toast, or a Corn & Tomato Quiche, or Apple & Molasses Pancakes with local pure maple syrup, or a Cheesy Egg Bake, or even a Potato Frittata, Orange Waffles, Baked Eggs, Zippy Strata, Crustless Quiche, a Slump or Betty, etc. The list goes on. We  usually alternate the main dish between sweet and savoury.

This is usually followed by another home-baked item such as: Orange Scones with Whipped Cream or Double Chocolate & Banana Muffins or Apple Duff, etc.

We like to be adventurous and enjoy trying new dishes.

Our breakfasts are never dull, and there is plenty of it! I enjoy collecting recipes and trying them out on our guests! 


24 hour self-help Beverage Centre

If you arrive thirsty, help yourself! We have a 24-hour self-help beverage centre, so you can help yourself at any time to coffee, herbal and regular teas, hot chocolate, and cookies. Guests can also help themselves to filtered water at the cooler, ice from the kitchen fridge dispenser and soft drinks in the small fridge in the dining room.

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